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Therapy that helps you uncover your most authentic self, deepen and strengthen your relationships, and live a life of joy.

We help people connect authentically to themselves and to their loved ones.

Addressing the mind, body, heart, and spirit opens a world of possibilities for living true to your purpose, connecting with your loved ones, and creating joy.

AZRI Client

“Since my husband and I began seeing Lisa, I have seen a huge improvement in both of us. She has helped us to strengthen all areas of our marriage. Lisa has helped me to find happiness within myself and with my family. She is the epitome of kindness and genuineness, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I have had to learn from Dr Lisa Gold.”

HMT Participant

“I appreciate the way you all fielded questions and kept the responses honest, open, clear, and thorough. I felt it was very professional and helped meet our individual needs, while not being too personal. Appreciate Dr. Gold's people skills and ability to direct content, also the focus on defining my own primary emotions.”

HMT Participant

“The exercises were extremely impactful because they helped me to dig deep to understand my vulnerable needs, not just the surface stuff... I didn't expect to go through such a process of discovery... I really appreciate the time and energy all the therapists took to address our needs as a group and individually. Having a therapist accessible during a breakout was comforting and helpful during times of confusion or distress for me. Thank you!!!”

HMT Participant

“Felt this was a great intro into EFT. We are continuing with couples therapy to explore our own relationship more. Thank you!”

HMT Participant

“Excellent workshop... Loved it- very appropriate, timely, and helpful for our relationship.”

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