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“AZRI therapists are Intimacy Experts.
They practice Emotional Focused Sex Therapy (EFST)
to help create, heal and strengthen
intimate relationships.”

Although sexuality is only one dimension of a couple’s relationship, it plays a vital role in the overall quality and strength of a couple’s emotional bond.

Integrated Intimacy

EFT Sex Therapy address couples’ sexual relationship as being one dimension of intimacy. Partners’ sexual relationship plays a vital role in the overall health and strength of a couples’ emotional bond. AZRI therapists understand that couples’ intimacy is an integration of their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical connection. Sexuality is viewed as a vital and powerful dimension, but also a dimension which cannot be fully addressed without addressing all other dimensions and the ways in which all dimensions of couple’s intimacy is inextricably interwoven.

EFT Sex Therapy and Integrated Treatment Options

The Arizona Relationship Institute offers clients the option of integrating Emotionally Focused Sex Therapy with other medical and holistic treatment approaches as a way of assisting partners to understand the emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual parts of themselves and each other.  Optional integrated treatments include acupuncture, chiropractic and massage, yoga, aerial yoga and meditation. You and your partner can work with your therapist and the other practitioners at AZRI to customize a plan according to each partner’s needs and interests.

Integrating and Rewiring Touch: Integrated Experiencing

Sometimes touch can become something a person reacts to negatively physically, emotionally or psychologically (or all of the above). Even when the person really wishes he or she could feel, react, or think differently about touch, their will to experience touch differently isn’t enough to override their initial instinct or pervasive struggles to enjoy physical touch

Dr. Gold and Dr. Dlugas have developed an integrated therapy that helps partners to rewire their emotional experience of touch and physical intimacy. Rather than perceiving or experiencing their partner’s touch as something threatening or something their partners want from them, touch can become rewired to be perceived and experienced as safe, healing, nurturing and even desirable. The body can shift from defending against something that is being demanded to relaxing into trusting that touch can be given as an act of healing without ulterior motives other than to be loved and valued.

Partners participate in Emotionally Focused Therapy with one of the AZRI therapists. Before or after the therapy session, partners meet with Dr. Dlugas and receive specific chiropractic treatments designed to help them rewire the way they experience each other’s touch.

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Sex is ALWAYS about attachment needs. 

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What Are the Benefits of Sex Therapy?

When problems arise in a relationship, the sexual relationship is usually negatively impacted. Sexual difficulties in an otherwise healthy, happy relationship can damage the couple’s emotional connection if they are unable to turn to one another and lovingly address the problem together.

EFT sex therapy addresses couples sexual issues from an attachment perspective. That means that all emotional and behavioral responses are viewed as being based in the desire to either protect against disconnection or to attempt to create connection. Sexuality is understood as one of the ways that couples reach and respond to one another to secure their connection. EFT sex therapy applies the same interventions used with all couples therapy, but there is a particular focus on the ways in which their negative interaction cycle is manifest in their sexual relationship.

Issues Addressed in Sex Therapy

  • Desire Discrepancy
  • Infidelity (reclaiming your sexual connection)
  • Sexual Trauma (abuse, rape)
  • Sexual Interest / Arousal Disorders
  • Sexual Pain and Medical/Physical Challenges to Sexual Realationships
  • Female Orgasmic Disorder
  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • Erectile Disorder
  • Emotional Disconnection
  • Sexless Marriage or Relationship
  • Couple Recovery after Sex Addiction Treatment
  • Sexual Shame/ Fear
  • Sexuality and Spirituality Issues
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