Closure Therapy

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Marriage Closure Therapy is a therapeutic intervention that assists couples in their personal transition pre and post divorce.  This type of therapy is appropriate for individuals or couples who are having a hard time coming to any separation or divorce agreement and/or have deep resentments. It is also helpful in situations where one partner does not want the divorce, when both spouses are very sad, where spouses are angry and that anger is tugging at the child or children or both spouses are ambivalent about the divorce. Simply stated, this form of therapy can be very effective for couples who have not made up their minds about their relationship and are not at peace with the decision to stay together or to divorce.

The external goal of marriage closure therapy is to bring closure to the relationship through reconciliation or dissolution.  The internal goals may be co-parenting, facilitating grief, establishing clear boundaries, and letting the rejected partners down easy. 

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